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True Strength is NOT Always What it Looks Like

True strength is not always what it looks like. Dr. Theresa Larson has always been known for being athletic, physically fit, and a ‘never quit’ kind of person. But the trait that defines her as a Warrior has nothing to do with her physical strength. As a young woman Theresa defined herself by her successes, and was cruel to herself when she failed. Whether it was sports, school, or even friendships. This all-or-nothing thinking was self-destructive and left Theresa feeling like she was in her own personal prison, and eventually developed into a life threatening addiction. Despite feeling lost with her addiction, she was able to ask for help. One of the most courageous moments in her life that she believes truly defined her as a Warrior was her asking for help while in combat for an addiction she didn’t respect until it almost took her life and the life of her Marines. The road to recovery was not easy for Theresa, but she knew her decision to get help was one of the largest, most difficult and life altering decisions she ever made.  Acknowledging you are sick and taking responsibility for it, by positively taking action is one of the most brave and courageous things a human being can do. Why? Because by doing so you prove to yourself that your life is precious enough to save.

Keynote Speaker

Theresa “Dr. T.” Larson, DPT

TLarsonDr. Theresa Larson, has lived multiple lives: at ten she was a caregiver to her dying mother.  As an adolescent, an all-star softball player.  As a young adult, she was a fitness model and competitor.  And as a grown woman, she was a high-achieving lieutenant in the Marines, in charge of an entire platoon while deployed in Iraq.  Meanwhile, Theresa was battling serious body image issues and bulimia nervosa, an internal struggle that ultimately cut short her military service when she was voluntarily evacuated from combat.  In her memoir Warrior, Theresa draws the reader into each of these roles, animating every snapshot in intimate and vivid detail, examining extremely personal and sometimes painful moments. From growing up in a log cabin outside Seattle to deployment in Iraq, Theresa’s journey proves that the path to health and happiness is a daily, intentional act that requires persistence and commitment.

Startling and hilarious, terrifying and triumphant, heartbreaking and inspirational, Warrior is ultimately a success story, written with the hope and desire to help other people battling their own demons. Theresa offers the message that asking for help can be an act of courage, and that we are all stronger than we think we are when faced with impossible odds.

Theresa is now a doctor of physical therapy and the founder of Movement Rx, offering support to wounded warriors and individuals with movement issues.  Theresa travels all over the world as a speaker for the CrossFit Movement and Mobility course and is a consultant for the world-renowned MobilityWOD.  She is a lululemon athletica ambassador, a LALO Tactical ambassador, and works with Team Red, White & Blue, LinderKids, The Resilience Project, the National Eating Disorders Association, and other nonprofits.  She lives in San Diego, California with her husband.