Why should I come to the CAHM Forum?


Why should I attend the CAHM Forum – From Hopelessness to Hope & Healing?

Join us for an uplifting day of stigma-free education and resources about mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse recovery and palliative care through community collaboration & connection.

The 2016 CAHM forum offers something for everyone.  Whether you are struggling or thriving; looking for answers to specific questions or just interested in learning more about mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse recovery or palliative care; are someone who has a desire to help others or someone who wishes to receive support – we are here to help get you connected!

We believe the Forum will impact you wherever you are along life’s journey and offer hope for the future.

If you are a community member

  • It’s a place to learn from mental health, substance abuse, suicide prevention, and palliative care experts who are there to share what they have learned through years of education and experience.

If you are someone with mental health, substance abuse or chronic illness issues or concerns…

  • It’s a place to join with others who are on the similar path as you.

If you are a family member or caregiver of someone with mental illness, chronic illness or substance abuse, or the survivor of suicide loss…

  • It’s a place for concerned family members and caregivers who want to know how they can help someone they love and also help themselves.

If you are a military family….

  • It’s a place for active duty and retired service members and their families to learn about community resources on- and off- base.

If you are a faith leader….

  • It’s a place to gather information and resources for members of your congregation – to help prevent, manage, and heal from mental health and substance abuse issues, address and manage chronic illness, and prevent suicide.

If you are a business leader….

  • It’s a place to learn about healthy lifestyles to support your employees and help them be healthier and more successful.

If you are a health care provider….

  • It’s a place to learn about additional resources available in the community for your clients and share your expertise.

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